Tax and your returns 


All Funds administered by ANZ Investments (Funds) are Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). This means a Fund’s taxable income is shared by members based on the number of units they hold.

We use your prescribed investor rate (PIR) to calculate how much tax to pay on your share of a Fund's taxable income.

You need to tell us your PIR and let us know if it changes. You also need to tell us your IRD number. If you don’t give us both your PIR and IRD number, the default PIR of 28% will apply.

If you give us the correct PIR, we will pay the correct amount of tax for you on your share of a Fund’s taxable income. Most investors who are individuals (and not trustees of trusts) will not need to pay any further tax or fill out a tax return for this income.

If you give us a PIR that is:

  • too low, you may need to file a tax return and be responsible for paying any additional tax, penalties, and interest
  • too high, you will not be able to claim a refund of overpaid tax from Inland Revenue.

Inland Revenue can require us to use a different PIR if they consider that you have given us an incorrect PIR.

Below is a table that helps you determine your PIR. 


If you're an individual

Trustees of trusts are not individuals and should read the information under "If you're not an individual " below.






If you have considered the two previous income years and determined that you qualify for two different rates, your PIR is the lower rate.

* Your attributed PIE income or loss for an income year is the amount of income or loss attributed to you by PIEs (including the Fund you invest in) in that income year, as recorded in the tax certificates issued by PIEs to you at the end of each income year. An income year generally runs from 1 April of the previous year to 31March of the current year.


If you're not an individual 

Are you a New Zealand tax resident company, unit trust, charity, superannuation scheme, PIE or PIE investor proxy?



Your PIR is 0%. You will need to pay any tax on your attributed PIE income yourself.

Superannuation schemes that are trusts may select another PIR - see below.

Are you a New Zealand resident trustee (other than of a charitable trust)? Seek advice from a tax professional to help you choose the PIR that best suits your beneficiaries.



If you're investing with another person

If you are investing jointly with another person and your PIRs are the same, we will attribute income to the investor you tell us to at their PIR. If your PIRs are not the same, we must attribute the income to the investor with the highest PIR. If you do not make a selection, we attribute income to the first-named investor at the default rate of 28%.


Get advice if you're uncertain

How an investment in a fund affects your tax may depend on your individual circumstances. If you’re uncertain, you should consult a tax adviser.


PIR Change Request Form

This PIR Change Request Form is intended for individuals only. If you are a joint investor, company, trust or partnership please complete and return the relevant PIR Response Form below.


PIR Response Form - joint investors

PIR Response Form - companies, trusts and partnerships


Investor Number *
If unsure of your Investor Number, please contact us on 0800 736 034.
IRD Number * - -
Your IRD Number is either 8 or 9 digits long.
Email Address *
Please note * This PIR update form is intended for individual investors only. Your email address is required so we can send you a secure link to complete this update for you.

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